Don't Bottle It, Tackle It!


Most of us use it for enjoyment, but sometimes drinking can be a problem. Fights, arguments, money troubles, family upsets, casual sex and crisis pregnancies are often a result of having had too much to drink. Alcohol can be the cause of hospital admissions for physical illnesses and accidents. It is also important to remember that alcohol has the potential to be addictive. Alcohol can make you do things you would not normally do.


Taking control and staying within low-risk drinking limits Try to cut down to low risk drinking levels by using the Standard Drinking Guide.


In Ireland, a standard drink is 10 grams of pure alcohol, normally contained in...


A single measure of spirits
= a half pint of beer

= a small glass of wine

= an alcopop


For drinking to be considered ‘low risk’, the Department of Health and Children currently advises: Adult women should drink less than 14 standard drinks per week; Adult men should drink less than 21 standard drinks per week.


These are low risk weekly limits, which should be spread over the week and not saved for a single drinking occasion ie. binge drinking.


Caution: These guidelines do not apply to people who are ill, run down, on medication or to children. It is not advisable for women to consume alcohol if pregnant or trying to conceive.


Useful Contacts


Talk to a GP

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Drink Aware


Al-Anon and Alateen

+353 (0)1 873 2699


Alcoholics Anonymous

+353 (0)1 842 0700


Arbour House

+353 (0)21 496 8933


Tabor Lodge

+353 (0)21 4887110


Matt Talbot Adolescent Services

+353 (0)21 489 6400


Talk To Frank