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John Lonergan and Caroline Crotty
Posted by KYSS on 04 October 2018

John and Caroline will be disussing Parenting Raising Your Child in Ireland. 

John Lonergan, Former Prison Governor entered the prison services in 1968 and in the years that followed, he saw human nature at its worst – and often, unexpectedly, at its best. He developed a deep understanding of both human nature and of Irish society.

Now after 42 years in the services, 24 of them as the most senior prison officer in the country, John focuses on issues like making a difference to others, the importance of community, why we can’t enforce change on others, drugs in our society, confronting bullying in our society, reducing the risk of suicides, balancing out lives between work home and family and why sport is so important.

Caroline Crotty Counsellor  & Psychotherapist: I view my role in therapy as nurturing self-reliance, fostering self-belief and helping people achieve acceptance and effect positive change.  Therapy helps people to learn how to believe in themselves and in their abilities and teaches the importance of liking ourselves a whole lot more. This is accomplished through learning how to change unhelpful habits of thinking and behaving, by acquiring and practicing new coping skills; by accepting the past, making plans and setting attainable goals for the future.

Caroline undertakes talks with John Lonergan, which they delivery throughout Ireland. John's comedic style and Caroline's more low-key delivery style lend themselves to a very entertaining evening but with key messages for parents of both primary and seconday school children.