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Pieta House - Darkness into Light coming to Kinsale in association with KYSS - 12 May 2018 @ 4am
Posted by KYSS on Wednesday 14 February 2018

Pieta House Darkness into Light 12 May 2018 is coming to Kinsale. 

Starting in the small hours of May 12th 2018, and finishes just as the sun is rising. 

Save the Date -  Registration Website will be open soon:

Click Here

The phenomenon that is Darkness into Light is an event coordinated by Pieta House. This unique event takes place just as we are coming into summer and our spirits are being lifted. Hundreds of thousands of people have woken in the small hours of the morning and taken part in Darkness Into Light. Each year Darkness into Light touches the lives of many more in venues across the world. Darkness Into Light is very much about hope and hope is something we endeavour to give each person who comes to us in their time of need. We help them feel more hopeful about the future as we continue to tackle the issue of suicide and self-harm in Ireland