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Background to KYSS

KYSS was formed in 2010, in response to the need to provide support and services to young people and their families in Kinsale and the surrounding areas. A voluntary led organisation comprising of representatives from the community including JLO, Garda, GP’s, teachers, counsellors, HSE, community/voluntary sector, local business people and most importantly young people from the area. It provides support to a population in excess of 10,000 households with the emphasis on the health and well-being of the young person and their families.

Initially, the group examined the challenges facing young people in particular drugs, alcohol and mental health. From lengthy discussion on the above topics, it was decided that the first approach would be Awareness. It was felt that if we as an organisation were able to generate Awareness around the issues facing Young People and members of our community, then we could provide them with the information and support to face these challenges.

Service provisions & priorities.

In terms of the area based approach KYSS is a collaborative network which provides integrated services to children and families in the catchment area, it is well integrated with the statutory services including Primary Care team and local GP’S and it provides supports if required to the frontline. It is a holistic health and well-being project led by the voluntary sector supporting the most vulnerable children and families.

KYSS is a limited company and an Irish Registered Charity, It is governed by a Board of Directors and a Management Committee which meets monthly. It has a number of sub groups who have responsibility for key areas of development. 

KYSS is compliant with the Code of Good Governance as set out by the Irish Charities Regulatory

Audited Accounts, Annual Reports, are presented at the A.G.M.

Twenty people providing an average of half a day per week, which equates to 500-person days per annum.

Additional Information

The key to the success of KYSS to date, has been the capacity and willingness of all players public, private and voluntary to develop a structure and work collaboratively using all available resources to support children and families at community level. It is led by the voluntary sector and operates very professionally in terms of governance, service provision etc.

As a group we are not selfish. We believe this model works and an opportunity exists for it to be rolled out in many other communities in Ireland. However, we must keep our focus local. We must continue to provide supports and services collaboratively at a community level to improve the outcomes for children and families.